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During both my workshops and extended photography tours I cover subjects such as composition and camera technique, which element of the scene to focus on, working with the light, exposure blending and much more.

Each workshop and extended tour is meticulously planned to cater for all skill levels and to ensure that you take home not only new and improved skills, but also a superb set of images and memories that you will cherish forever.

If you like the look of any of my workshops or longer photography trips, then please click the relevant link below the titles to see more information. Please also check the ’FAQs’ at the bottom of the page if you have any queries.

If you have any questions or require further information then please don’t hesitate to email me via my contact page, or on: info@jameskerwin.uk.




Interested in shooting interior photography? Struggling with in-camera technique? Maybe you have shot interior spaces or abandoned locations for a few years but want to know how to produce consistent portfolio-level work?

Join me on the 5th January 2019 as I host my first ever location workshop to photograph inside the disused Woolton Hall in Liverpool, England (with permission from the owner). Click the button below to find out more:

 Weddings, art and commercial



Want to shoot models on location? Struggling with how to use strobes or lighting modifiers, or simply don't understand them? Maybe you want to shoot models in stunning locations for your portfolio? Then look no further…

Join my partner Jade and I for our lighting on location workshop inside the abandoned Woolton Hall in Liverpool, England on the 6th January 2019. Click the date below to find out more:



29TH APRIL - 5TH MAY 2019

Do you want to join a small group of passionate photographers for a week-long image making adventure? Maybe you would like to shoot in some of the most beautiful locations in the untouched Caucasus region? Then join me on a 7-day photography adventure tour.

I have chosen my extended workshop location very carefully, making sure that I have scouted and photographed the locations and visited the country many times prior. These tours require a moderate fitness level and a real sense of adventure -please click the button below for more information:



21ST - 27TH OCTOBER 2019

You like the look of my spring tour, but the dates don’t work? Or perhaps you want to capture the colours of autumn. Then join me on a 7-day photography adventure tour to Georgia - the autumn edition!

I have chosen my extended workshop location very carefully, making sure that I have scouted and photographed the locations and visited the country many times prior. These tours require a moderate fitness level and a real sense of adventure -please click the button below for more information:

Valle dei Mulini, or Valley of Mills. Sorrento, Amalfi coast. It


3RD - 12TH OCTOBER 2020

A 10 day photography tour incorporating many of the lost towns and villages of the Southern regions of Italy. We discover gems such as Craco, the ruins of Apice, Old Roghudiand and many more.

I have chosen the location of my 10 day photography workshop carefully, and it incorporates landscape photography and abandonment together perfectly. These tours require a moderate fitness level and a sense of adventure -please click the button below for more information:




How experienced do I have to be to book onto a workshop?

Some very basic knowledge would be an advantage, however please read the details of the specific course. 

Will the workshop/tour be cancelled if the weather’s bad?

We plan to go ahead with the workshops even if it’s raining. Participants need to make sure they bring appropriate clothing for the weather and make sure their camera and equipment is properly protected from the elements. In the extremely unlikely event that a tour is cancelled due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, such as illness, we will book you on another suitable date of your choosing or arrange a full refund.

Are there any age restrictions?

Due to the nature and locations of the workshops the minimum age is 18.

What photography equipment do I need to bring with me on the workshop?

The following list of equipment are just suggestions:

  • A digital SLR or 'Bridge' camera.

  • Spare camera batteries and memory cards.

  • Tripod.

  • Small day rucksack or camera bag.

  • Snacks or food. 

On my architecture workshops a wide-angle lens or any sort a lens in the 16-35mm range for full-frame cameras or 10-20mm range for 'cropped sensor' cameras is a great place to start.

For the week-long tours, you may wish to bring a selection. Great lens options include: 

  • 16-35mm

  • 24mm

  • 35mm

  • 24-70mm

  • 85mm

  • 70-200mm on the ‘Adventure Tours’ could be beneficial.

Additional items you may wish to bring:

  • A tripod – 99% of my work is shot on a tripod. 

  • Filters - if you are undertaking a photography tour - as we include some landscape photography spots.

  • Water bottle. 

  • Torch. 

If you are taking a Lightroom & Photoshop workshop add on, ensure that you bring:

  • A laptop (with Adobe Creative cloud installed alongside Lightroom & photoshop)

  • Your laptop charging cable,

  • A mouse or similar tool

  • A back-up hard drive (optional).

Should I restrict the amount of equipment I bring with me?

I always suggest carrying as much equipment as you feel comfortable with. If you leave something at home, you can bet that’s the one thing you’ll miss during the trip! There’s always plenty of room in the vehicles that we use. If you are flying then always check the weight and size of hand luggage your airline allows.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes or boots. Prepare for the weather – bring a hat and suntan lotion on sunny days, and layers and waterproofs if it’s looking rainy – the usual common sense!

Are my flights included in the workshop/tour price?

Flight prices are not included in my photography tour package prices. However we can suggest flight options and also recommend you use  tools such as  Skyscanner to find the best prices.

What is excluded on our workshops/tours?

  • Lunch - unless otherwise stated (usually on my one-day workshops only).

  • Flights - if the workshop or tour requires travel abroad.

  • Camera gear - although this can be hired to you (with some notice) if required, of course at an additional cost.

Is my accommodation included in the tour price?

If the tour/workshop requires it we will include accommodation in all of the prices.

The accommodation is stated and images are provided.

Are food costs included?

Check the full itinerary of the workshop that you are interested in.

A welcome pack shall also be emailed out once you have reserved your place.

My one and two-day photography workshops will include lunch only and my extended tours include some evening meals at recommended local restaurants.

On shorter workshops I shall send out an email about dietary requirements 7 days prior, please do get back quickly otherwise we cannot guarantee your wish-list. I do also suggest dinner locations if the tour requires you to take an overnight stay.

Alcohol costs are not included.

Will the Adventure Tour require early mornings?

Usually we will start at a decent time each day, this will be communicated at the start of the tour - but yes, expect to be up and shooting well before 9am on any given day. If we are running an adventure photography tour, then of course we must use the light - this may affect sleeping patterns as well. Please check your workshop itinerary, we also send you through a welcome pack once a space is reserved.

Will James be taking photographs himself during the workshop?

Yes, especially if we are running a course containing editing and post processing tips. I can then use these images during the next day’s session. I will occasionally get a third person to film the courses and in addition I may also film the occasional vlog whilst on tour. 

Will we cover any Photoshop techniques?

Yes, if the course you are booked on mentions it. I will also talk about this a little during any workshop and give tips where necessary. 

Are you insured? Do I need my own insurance?

My business is covered for taking photography parties/groups on workshops and photography tours. I hold public liability insurance with full accidental cover - but this covers my team and equipment only, unless I break something belonging to another person (For example I knock over somebody else’s tripod).

You should ensure that you have adequate personal insurance to cover yourself and your equipment.