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Photography doesn’t always go according to plan and of course images aren’t always perfect. This is my honest and open behind the scenes look into what I do as an architecture, adventure and travel photographer.


New art representative

Walk into the Light | Neglected Series

Walk into the Light | Neglected Series

From 1st November 2018, I am pleased to announce that I shall be working with Goodman & Co, an agency based in the Netherlands. Goodman & Co are an agent and print specialist team that have the authorisation to sell & ship a selection of my images as limited editions in Holland, Germany, Belgium and Sweden. 

Goodman & Co supply the highest quality artworks. Revolutionary led technology exposes old school photographic paper to the images. Then the photo is developed just like in a darkroom. The result is full continuous tone prints with exceptionally sharp image detail.

These photographic prints are mounted between a sheet of acrylic and a dibond backing sheet. It has an excellent museal appearance and prevents the artwork form UV rays and early aging.

All artworks come in editions of 25 in a standard size and 5 in different sizes. This small limited edition ensures the artworks stay exclusive and keep their value as collector’s items. They are numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity of course.

The galleries that Goodman & Co supply up until November 2017 are listed here, many of which display my work in their showrooms or galleries. 

If you are a gallery interested in supplying my work to your audience please get in touch with James here, or enquire to Andre at andre@goodman-co.art.

My work is listed on their website here


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