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 British Fine Art Architecture & Location Photographer

Before my visit to The Republic of Georgia for the first time in the Spring of 2018, I would never have imagined running photography tours but the Summer has past, I have become a full time photographer and here we are.

Georgia is a beautiful country, as some of the images across my website show, but images do not really showcase the beauty like seeing it for yourself, they just don’t do it justice.

The country offers everything from cityscapes to beautiful landscapes and stunning old architecture, mixed with new. A real gem that I am sure is due to boom by 2020.

So I bring to you my new 7 day adventure photography tours to the Causacus, originally I am running two dates, Spring and Autumn of 2019.

 British Fine Art Architecture & Location Photographer

More Information on the Georgia Adventure Photography Trip

If you’d like more information on the trip in the Spring (29TH April- 5TH May 2019), you’ll find all the information over on this link: www.jameskerwin.uk/georgia-adventure-tour

However, If you’d like more information on the trip in the Autumn of 2019 instead (21st - 27th October 2019), you’ll find all the information over on this link: www.jameskerwin.uk/georgia-in-autumn-tour

I shall be pulling together a post on the best places to photograph in Georgia in the coming weeks as well before January comes and I am on the road full time - but that is for another blog post!

An Adventure Tour

During our travels around the country, 5 of you and myself shall be driven around the best spots that the country has to offer, we visit ageing architecture in Tbilisi, the lost town of Tskaltubo as well as take a trip up to the mountains to see the a beautiful monastery perched on the edge of a mountain.

I’m not going to hash out too much information in this blog post. But what I will say is that it’s going to be absolutely incredible.

More Information

If you have anymore questions then feel free to send me an email at info@jameskerwin.uk - I look forward to seeing you in Georgia.