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Photography doesn’t always go according to plan and of course images aren’t always perfect. This is my honest and open behind the scenes look into what I do as an architecture, adventure and travel photographer.


Photography Series Trailer Launch - A Paradise Lost

So in April of this year, I visited the Lebanese Republic, aka Lebanon in the Middle East. This was a step into the unknown for us, but it was thoroughly rewarding.

Lebanon's diverse land of Mediterranean coastline, rugged alpine peaks, lush green valleys and unique architecture (both old and new) is packed into a piece of land some 225km long and 46km wide – an area approximately the size of little Cyprus!

On September 19th 2019, I will be launching not only my photography series and behind the scenes blog post, but I shall also be launching something else very special as well. Until then, enjoy my preview trailer:


Thanks for reading (and watching!),


I shot this video with the following gear: (please be aware that these are affiliate links , by using them, if you purchase equipment or goods it costs you nothing more but I do receive a little kick back which supports me and my work).

My New Camera Rucksack

My Tripod Choice

Geared Tripod Head

My Canon 5DSR

VLOG camera of choice

Make the M50 FULL FRAME

VLOG Microphone

My best friend

Two Lenses used for these images:

Wide Angle

24-70mm Mid Range

And my NEW gimbal:

FeiyuTech AK2000