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A place of springs | Book cover

Back in December 2017, I signed a deal to have my work "Crestfallen" on a book by Hannah Colby, a writer born in Norwich (my home city in the UK), Crestfallen is from my Neglected Series.

And after some talks it was decided that the design ended up having to be custom - so we came up with a composite that worked, taking my original image and manipulating it by moving the door frame from right to left, extending the wall on the left in a mirror effect for the book text to fit and then adding the image of a figure on the back cover.  

 Weddings, art and commercial

The Synopsis reads: A Place of Springs takes us to Sarajevo in 1991. To the home of Adam and Finola Vidaković comes a new lodger, a young concert pianist from London, Daniel Danuczek, with plans to teach at the Conservatory. Funny and charming, he makes a great impression on both Finola and Irena, her daughter. But with civil war looming on the horizon, Daniel returns to London. Soon after, the Vidaković home becomes a ruin, with the family dead or missing.

Seeking news of his missing friends, Daniel returns to besieged Sarajevo, where he is shot and badly wounded by a sniper. While recovering in a hospital, he learns that Irena, deeply traumatized by her own experiences and the destruction of her city and home, has escaped to New York. Can He find her, and salvage something from the wreckage of the war? Written with humor and insight, A Place of Springs is a complex novel of love, loss, and the transcendent power of music.

The book, by Unicorn Publishing is available to to buy from 17th May and can be purchased in many good bookstores from that date.