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The Hidden Architecture of Tbilisi


 British Fine Art Architecture & Location Photographer
1 Day Photography Walking Tours
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These one-day walking photography tours are designed for people that cannot attend a week-long adventure, but would love to discover some of the hidden gems around the city of Tbilisi (Georgia) during their stay in the country. Just book a date, and away we go!

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an under-the-radar Caucasus jewel

Georgia is an exciting destination for photographers, boasting stunning landscapes and beautiful but dated architecture, and delicious food that caters to all tastes and palates. At the country’s heart is Tbilisi, a capital with an old town of elegantly dilapidated wooden balcony houses, an alternative arts scene, stylish cafes and inhabitants who enjoy browsing antiquarian bookstores as much as toasting strangers with a glass (or three!) of the local wine.

The cobblestoned old town is a product of its rich and turbulent history. Periods under Persian and Russian rule have left it dotted with Eastern Orthodox churches, ornate Art Nouveau buildings and brutalist Soviet Modernist structures.

These one-day walking tours are designed for people that cannot attend a week-long adventure, but would love to discover some of the city’s hidden architectural gems during their trip or holiday. Maybe a week is too long for you, maybe you don’t have the budget - well try this one-day option instead.

During the day we also have access to a stunning disused ex-Soviet theatre (as featured in the photo at the top of the page), with permission from the owner. We shall spend an hour or so inside here after lunch, picking out compositions and unique angles.

I am based in Tbilisi, and subject to my availability can host these architecture photography tours on any date(s) during May through till mid November 2019 AND April through October 2020 (See below the dates I am unavailable).


On this workshop I take you on a walk through the wonderful city of Tbilisi. We start with a morning photography session searching for hidden architecture around the old town, before stopping for lunch and then continuing through the afternoon and concluding at a stunning lookout spot high up over Tbilisi in time for sunset.

During the day I will talk you through what equipment I use, as well as discuss some key elements to producing great images in low-light conditions, including:

  • Composition

  • Light

  • Subject

  • Challenges

  • Timing

  • Post processing tips.

As we wander through the hallways and streets I will also explain some of the more technical aspects of architectural photography. I will focus on helping you to understand your camera and its settings, and the importance of a tripod. I will guide you through any of the challenges that we face throughout the day and I’ll be on hand to talk about any areas on which you may like specific guidance. Typical areas that I cover are composition (such as 1-point vs 2-point perspective), camera settings and the use of a good quality tripod.

I think that getting the image correct in camera at the time of shooting is an important habit, and helps you spend less time sat at a computer and more time out in the field improving your photography - and of course that is the bit that we all love.

Over lunch we look through some of the images that we have taken together, so that you can understand how to get the most out of your images through post processing techniques and tricks.


  • No minimum group size - I am available for you or your group of photographer friends only!

  • A guided walk around the streets of Tbilisi, we visit the old town and as many of the interiors that are currently available.

  • Access to a long disused theatre in the heart of Tbilisi.

  • Time with me to talk about your photography.

  • Some time talking about post processing.

  • Lunch included.


  • A better understanding of composition and how to find a unique angle in tight spaces.

  • An understanding of light and how it can impact on the mood.

  • Understanding why it is important to slow down and think carefully about taking fewer but technically better images.

  • An understanding of how to effectively get the most out of your image in post processing with Lightroom.

  • Location hunting skills.

  • Inspiration and great images!

 British Fine Art Architecture & Location Photographer


Full details will be sent out via email once you have booked onto the one-day workshop.

  • A full day of photography discussion, tutorials and image making. (We meet at 0900am and finish at dusk time of year depending).

  • We walk around both the old and new town of Tbilisi, seeking out the architecture and interiors.

  • All the photographs are yours to keep and publish.

  • Lunch and drinks provided in a local cafe (We take 45 minutes for a lunch break).

  • My photography tuition and guidance.

  • Loan of a tripod if required (let me know before the workshop).

  • Entry to the theatre - paid by myself.

Notes - Food is included in the price of this workshop. No photography insurance is included in the price of the workshop.



  • A rain jacket - you never know!

  • Boots or shoes

  • Camera (obviously) and plenty of spare batteries.

  • A wide angle lens.

  • A sturdy tripod 

  • Manual for your camera

  • Phone

  • Snacks

  • Water

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I am unavailable to run these workshops on the following dates due to other commitments:

  • 6th - 17th October 2019

  • 20th - 27th October 2019