James Kerwin Photographic

Equipment LIST

Since 2015 I have been shooting with the following kit and use each for a range of subjects/compositions: 

For my landscape images I shoot using filters, this limits the need for lots of post-processing work: 

For video productions, youtube videos and behind the scenes images as well as other content for Instagram: 

                                                                                                                                                 Here is a selection of other kit that I travel with/use or find really useful on on a regular basis:



Here is a selection of the equipment that I use and some snippets of information on all of the brands that I take great pleasure in working with, both live in the field and via talks & seminars at shows and events. 

I will also be shooting behind the scenes video of my work through a youtube channel where I will discuss the kit that I use as a UK ambassador in great detail. I will also be available via any of my contact links to discuss any of the products with photographers thinking about using this great equipment for their work.

My lighting gear, triggers and speedlights are all covered by Phottix and includes the Odin™ II flash trigger and Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flashes.


I use the Benro Mach3 9X Carbon Fiber Tripod range with a Short Center Column. I have the new GD3WH Precision Geared Head with an "L bracket" fitted to my DSLR. 


I use the DNA 15 Messenger, the 24L Solstice and the Roadie Hybrid Roller 21 by Tenba - these help me to carry all of my gear damage free into unforgiving locations.