James Kerwin Photographic

What's in my Camera Bag?

Here you can find information on the kit that I use.



What Gear Do I Use And Why?

I get this question a lot so I’ve put together a page which details everything that I use. You can check each piece of gear out by clicking the product name and this list goes over almost everything!

Howeve, I’m also of the opinion that the gear isn’t everything and that a good picture is going to be a good picture whether it’s shot on film, a full frame DSLR or a medium format body.


Camera Body

Other Cameras


  • Benro Master Filter Holder Kit 100mm (with CPL 95MM)

  • Benro Master 100x100mm

    • 4, 6 & 10stop ND Filters

  • Benro Master 100x150mm

    • 3 grad ND filters (2 stop soft grad, 3 stop soft grad, 3 stop hard grad)

  • Polarizers

    • CPL 95MM by Benro

All available on www.benrofilters.com.